1 Initial Qualification

Applications are analysed and qualified and then the first telephone interview is held during which a candidate answers questions to check if candidate’s expectations, availability, experience and references match with the role requirements.

2 Candidate Verification

We check the candidate’s profile and if it matches our needs, we verify references, opinions and experience. We contact the persons who provided references to validate the candidate.

3 Interview

We meet with a candidate in order to verify expectations concerning a given advertised post. We expect answers to questions about technical issues, business or soft skills, which help us check the matching to the values and principles of our company, as well as candidate’s goals and professional development and his or her personal situation.

4 Shortlisting

Once the information is gathered, we shortlist the candidates who are later invited to a next meeting, or based on ranking, we decide on hiring a given candidate. In such a case, the candidate is invited to an interview during which he is communicated the decision and terms and conditions of employment are confirmed.

5 Information

All candidates who were contacted or invited to an interview are informed via phone or mail about the decision made with regards to their candidacy. In some cases we may ask for the permission to use candidate’s application for the purposes of another recruitment process. We are not able to contact all the candidates who sent their applications, for which we apologise. We protect personal data in accordance with applicable standards.